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Better late than never

I wish that people will stop shooting, exploding, bombing, burning, torturing, exploiting, kidnapping, depleted-uranium-radiating  and invading all over as then I wouldn’t have to worry about my innocent friends everywhere dying in especially horrible and abrupt ways and I know from experience there is  nothing that is more important than maintaining the live of people you care about, and if you can’t then nothing matters anymore, and there are people I care about  all over the place in my case. Instead of this, they could then die of normal things like car and household accidents and of heart attacks or diseases at a much older age.

This is much better  I know from experience, because then there is a higher chance of their survival and of being able to help them or alternatively for an actual whole corpse to bury with respect and kindness rather than tiny pieces that tell me of what the person who I care about and who is part of my meaningful life and who I am had to go through to become that way. Will they have DNA analysis in Afghanistan and Iraq, I wonder.

I know there are people, normal people, not so normal people, with or without jobs, rich or poor people, with or without harrowing experiences, people with or without governmental or terrorist type of backgrounds--who think that some goals are so important, people’s lives are, according to them,  “intellectually generally speaking” a price regretfully not avoidable and a so-called “collateral damage”. I know these people are sometimes scared and sometimes malinformed or desperate or angry and sometimes just plain greedy, power-hungry but indeed, there are a lot of shmugs that fail you when they are trusted, benevolence alone doesn’t guarantee safety. But only what you expect is what you will be able get at all, in the most cases, benevolence motivates me to prove people right, too, and what goes round, comes round—nonstop, unless someone cuts it off by realizing the point being is the people themselves, every single one of them, not some political, historic or territorial “point”.

 I think  these people putting their goals over others’ lives are “intellectually generally speaking” an arrogant piece of collateral damage themselves and before they expect others to buy this arrogant sh*t I asks them to sit in a building that will be bombed or exploded themselves along with the people they claim to love, and if they (as specters, naturally, as they would then be dead) would still think any goal is higher than their own unique human life and vulnerable sensitive body and worth that pain and horror of mind and body, they should have themselves checked into the nearest lunatic asylum ASAP!

 I am sorry for anybody who feels because of their situation they are entitled to forward their pain and despair onto others “in the way” of things, but I know there are no “others”, really. It’s always the end of the world, of all meaning, to someone. You always know what that person did for you and walked you home or persuaded you to try a new dish or saved your life even, and every time you remember that, it clashes with how they ended. It’s as if the light has been turned out because you have all this love for this person and you know how a beautiful person living a piece of their life in your presence and creating some valuable bond of understanding and trust and opening your heart to their way of life and them knowing and trusting and understanding you and spending a part of your life with you ended because of some opinionated principle-riding bastard decided they knew better and had a right to destroy that. And if these bastards haven’t learnt and matured emotionally beyond the status of selfish 2-year-olds in order to be able to love a person so that losing them in such a way kills you too and only causes more despair and hatred and perhaps murder, and to become emotionally intelligent enough know that this is the same horror or pain for all people, they shouldn’t be entitled to make such decisions about matters of life and death in the first place!

The people likely to get hurt by any violence, as victims all of whose bloodlines are finished or survivors whose world and meaningfulness of life is shattered, are likely to be just like those you’d otherwise call your friends. Some turn mad because of such an event and off goes the circle of vengeance set forth. (Whatever may be the true reason it was initiated) So why not make friends rather than enemies in the first place, while we can-while people are still alive and ties can still be formed between those who are not like these cold nuts above who also try to tell people that people in other countries are all after them. They are not all after you. Go and see for yourself and show good will. (And if you chose to go to the Middle East one day—don’t eat before you go—you’ll need plenty of empty space in your facilities) Dare to trust. Make friends. Open your mind to other ways of life and thinking and open other people’s minds about yours or others in turn. Outnumber tyrants …immunize potential enemies…and yourselves...by befriending the "others".

Or, in the unvoluntarily wise words of one day undeterrably former president George Bush:

 “We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile (sic)” (Des Moines, Iowa, August 21, 2000, Jacob Weisberg: “George W. Bushims”


Peace…not domination  truth…not convenience  justice…not vengeance

Thank you for your kind attention. Do come again.

Peace be with you and kindness of a stranger whenever you are in dire need of it.