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This is not a place for political propaganda, so (unless you manage to skillfully wrap it into your comment) I will not post it..

Some feedback off the top of my head:

T. you didn't tell me if it's okay for me to publish what you wrote, but hank you for the elaborate post in whcih you suggested a chatroom of some sort so people can meet, but unfortunately that  is not so easy in countries where  cross-border approachings are not welcome by the governments, as these are always valued politically, especially if hook on to a website annoucing that. I know there is mingling done in neutral chatrooms. by for example saudis and israelis (thank you a1 for that input) 

As to the question why I am not showing faces, that is because in such countries even telling someone what your religion is, what you said to me,something which may be counted as an innocent remark to someone from a differnet ocuntry while they have that outlook in the government abroad, but not where they live. As the man in Iraq who told me whathe thought about the occupation and my Lebanese friend said: Don't take/show my picture, now these are in charge, we don't trust them either/we had civil war.

In some places it might  even be considered political action that they know a foreigner who speaks out about peace. Also, there have been arrests of peaceniks in the area by the US military, so knowing us might not be in doing a favor to those locals either.

It's a small world, and better safe than sorry. I know very well sorry can mean death. I get a lot of hatemail, a great encouragement by the way, because it means I have indeed reached my target audience! And I know those cannot be from patriotic people because those tend to be courageous and decent, like sone of the soldiers i talked to, not cowards using the tragedy to bully those who used to be on top of them economically or socially, with fake ids to cover up who they are (but not where they are), while the people, a woman even,  they are hatemailing aren't even scared of bombs and bullets in a foreign country--I guess I must mean me-- and look at how contrary that is to the common perception "America stands as one" for the person I lost due to 9-11 and his loved ones--as one of them would be me.

Thank you for your attention, and  stay safe and good, despite all the bad, the latter is the harder part.